Looking for opportunity to work abroad for 1 - 3 years in Malesia

Looking for opportunity to work abroad for 1 - 3 years

Mr Clement ANTHONY

Telefono: +6016 2885477

59, Jalan Mawar 1A,, Taman Puchong Perdana - Malesia

Località : Malesia

Settore: Marketing, Media, Comunicazione

Ricerca di lavoro (breve descrizione):
It's been my long time goal and dream to work abroad and now I have the chance to do it. My goal is to explore the other side of the world in terms work and learn the culture as well.

Responsible for drafting B2B contents, scheduling and sendouts for email campaigns - daily basis. Manage and improve lead generation campaigns, measuring results.Liaise and work closely with the Europe sales team, marketing team and project manager to ensure successful implementation of the marketing activities. Monitor, report and perform AB testing on email campaigns. Ensure all-around consistency (style, fonts, images and tone). Experience in working for start-up company. Organising, planning, supervise, managing and responsible for events/roadshows all around Malaysia. Dedicated in achieving KPI through gaining numbers of acquisitions. Responsible for drafting contents, scheduling and send-outs for products & services, market analysis, research reports, campaigns and events through Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) - weekly basis via Pinpoint Insights. Handle and creating marketing communications presentation deck with all updates, objectives, target audience, locations, agenda, timing, tasks sheets, timeline, terms & conditions for events to be briefed with Marketing and Customer Service team. Responsible and assisting for communicating with clients through Business WhatsApp to request for clients incomplete documents to complete successful Rakuten Trade's account(s) openings. Responsible for monitoring CAC value in marketing budget for event costs and reporting on a weekly & monthly basis on total budget on online/offline marketing - Microsoft Excel & Microsoft Powerpoint. Responsible for creating, make live, monitoring, contents and editing all events through Eventbrite. Responsible for Daily Coverage Reports send-out to all Rakuten Trade's staffs, board of directors in Malaysia and Japan. Working closely and report directly to Head of Marketing & Communications for all marketing collaterals. Working closely with Risk & Compliance for clearance on marketing collaterals before sending to clients. Working closely with Customer Service team on improving and enhancing products & services through clients feedbacks/complaints/suggestions. Working closely with Creative Designer on ideas/contents of visuals and artworks for products & services and events. Finalise the information for post event reports - presentation via Microsoft Powerpoint. Presenting weekly updates on suggestions/ideas to improve business with marketing team and brainstorming when it's necessary - via Microsoft Powerpoint.

Completed my degree in Marketing (Bachelor's degree, Marketing, 2nd Upper class on 2016 from University of Greenwich. Currently pursuing my MBA part-time.

English, Tamil and Malay

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Clement Anthony


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 Marketing, Media, Comunicazione

Clement Anthony
Looking for opportunity to work abroad for 1 - 3 years

It's been my long time goal and dream to work abroad and now I have the chance to do it. My goal is to explore (...)

Marketing, Media, Comunicazione: Malesia
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