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Rei Balboa
Applicant from the Philippines with 28 Years of Working Experience

I am looking for a visa-sponsored work as a Production Supervisor, Production Operator, or Machine Operator. (...)

Altro: Filippine
Aries Tenorio

Facilities Management, Mechanical Engineering, Maintenance Engineering, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning. (...)

Meccanica, Elettronica: Filippine
Roma Grace Praxides
advertising account manager

To gain quality work experience that will help me improve and also to share my best knowledge with different (...)

Marketing, Media, Comunicazione: Filippine
Kirsty Mercado
Seeking for a career abroad

I am 27 year old aspiring to be able to work in a foreign country to share my skills, knowledge and experience (...)

Distribuzione, Vendita, Acquisti: Filippine

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