Revendeur en ligne néerlandophone - bucarest, roumanie

Service client, Centres d'appels à Bucarest

Revendeur en ligne néerlandophone - bucarest, roumanie

Revendeur en ligne néerlandophone - Bucarest, Roumanie
Nous offrons une formation complète, une expérience préalable n'est pas nécessaire.
Compétences ou aptitudes requises :
• Maîtrise de l'anglais et du ...

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Dutch speaking Online Dealer - Bucharest, Romania

Dutch speaking Online Dealer - Bucharest, Romania
We offer full training, previous experience it is not necessary.
Required skills or abilities :
• Fluency in English and Dutch is a must
• Exceptional presenting skills
• An enthusiastic and positive attitude with an outgoing personality
• Must be able to maintain high energy levels for the duration of games that require a more animated performance
• Flexibility of working hours and must be willing to work on a shift pattern which includes nights, weekends, and bank holidays
• Must be reliable and have good attendance and timekeeping records
• Attention to detail and excellent people skills are essential as this is a customer facing role
• Must be able to demonstrate the ability to think quickly and remain calm under pressure while maintaining accuracy, discipline, and discretion
• Adhere to specific rules related to dress code and appearance
Key duties and responsibilities:
• Be “the face” of the Company delivering expert knowledge and superior gaming quality
• Represent and maintain the brand by consistently adhering to the Company’s presentation and grooming policy
• Present all games in the required professional manner, always showcasing exceptional presenting skills in line with the Company’s performance expectations
• Engage players and immerse them in the live dealer experience
• Maintain a professional level of technical proficiency in all games with the ability to always remain fully aware of your performance and ensure compliance with the brand guidelines
• Carry out all gaming operations in line with the current legislation and to the required company standards of efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction
• Have an active role in the Company’s continuous improvement plan to achieve plans for future growth within the Company.
To apply please send your CV to

Société: SpotOn Connections

Lieu: à Bucarest

Type de poste: CDI

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Revendeur En Ligne Néerlandophone - Bucarest, Roumanie

Revendeur en ligne néerlandophone - Bucarest, Roumanie Nous offrons une formation complète, une expérience (...)

Service client, Centres d'appels: Bucarest
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