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Software Developer


Téléphone: 07864337458

33 Tanfield Lane, Broughton - Royaume-Uni

Lieu: Royaume-Uni

Secteur: Informatique: Developpeur, Analyste, etc

Position recherchée (courte description):
A software developer with over a decade's experience developing predominantly web applications using the Microsoft stack. I'm quick to adapt to new technologies and have a wide array of experience.

My first job was working for Capita Workforce Management, where I built web and mobile apps. I pioneered the company's first mobile apps, developed using Apache Cordova, and worked on web projects as part of a team and on my own, built in C#/ASP.Net MVC and using SQL Server.
I quickly came to specialise in JavaScript and its use in mobile apps, but most of my work was on web apps.
I was also responsible for leading modernisation of our internal tools, such as introducing Git and Jira, and I became known for producing thorough documentation on technologies others weren't familiar with.
Products I helped develop include:
- a form designer customers could use to design and deploy for custom entry, such as job applications
- an HR system in the cloud
- a replacement for a legacy time management system
- a web app for designing mobile forms and a mobile app to enter data into them and submit them
- a mobile app that guide users through making international job applications, including scanning passports and driving licenses

My second job has been as a web developer for CCube Solutions, where I've written a suite of mobile apps and created a number of web applications, first in ASP.Net MVC and then in .Net Core. The majority of my work has been for the UK's National Health Service, but with other customers as well.
I've become well-learned on the HL7 FHIR international standard, as well as other aspects of working in healthcare, and I've led most of the company's exploration into new technologies, including machine learning, bot frameworks, new API standards, and others.
I've directly worked with customers when needed, such as with NHS trusts and the Ministry of Defence, to ensure their requirements are met.
Products I helped develop include:
- a web app for allowing form entry with advanced features such as database retrieval and API integration
- a public web app that allows users to upload documents and share them
- multiple mobile apps
- a bot that interacts with APIs

2008-2011 De Montfort University BSc (Hons) Computer Science
2006-2008 Bedford College BTEC in Computing
2003-2006 Sharnbrook Upper School, Bedford GCSEs, ECDL

English, but I'm also learning Danish

CV joint: CV_8231
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Michael Robinson


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 Informatique: Developpeur, Analyste, etc

Michael Robinson
Software Developer

A software developer with over a decade's experience developing predominantly web applications using the (...)

Informatique: Developpeur, Analyste, etc: Royaume-Uni
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