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Enseignement, Garde d'enfants

French Teacher & Bilingual Translator


 Al Nahda, Dubai - Émirats arabes unis

 Téléphone: +971524804764

 Lieu: Émirats arabes unis

 Secteur: Enseignement, Garde d'enfants

Position recherchée (courte description):
French teacher and native speaker with over 10 years of work experience backed by a bachelor of education in French Language and Literature.

I have over 10 years of (local and international) work experience: including 5 years as a native French teacher, 5 years of teaching French as second language, 2 years as an international translator, 4 years as video journalist and customer service executive, and 4 years as an IT technician, digital artist and webmaster.

About my education, I have a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in French Language and Literature, an other bachelor's degree of Management Studies (BMS) in Finance and Accounting, an Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching, a Certificate of Proficiency in English Communication and Web Designing, a Certificate of Professional Competences in Strategic Management and Marketing of Organisations, as well as a Certificate of Training in Human Rights. I am also a certified IB teacher.

French (as a native) and English (at an advanced level).

My other abilities also include over four years as a video journalist and customer support, four years as a digital artist and webmaster, and finally four years as an IT technician and technical support.

 Posté par: Wonder Kamakama |  30/07/2022

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