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Agronomie, cueillette de fruits, etc

farm worker


 waraniyagoda, karangoda , Rathnapura - Sri Lanka

 Téléphone: 0713558356

 Lieu: Sri Lanka

 Secteur: Agronomie, cueillette de fruits, etc

Position recherchée (courte description):
I am a knowledgeable farm worker with experience helping to carry out
day - to - day tasks and long - term projects on farms . Adept in the use of
farm equipment and machinery , and knowledgeable in a variety of
farming procedures . Skilled in soil preparation , irrigation processes ,
weeding , and pruning crops . Committed to being a positive , flexible , and
adaptable team member.

15/03/2013 – 16/12/2017 – Balangoda, Sri Lanka

Worked on planting new products, watering, and stocking the
greenhouse, Once the greenhouse set cared for the plants.
Educated customers on roses, and perennial plants. Worked in
the perennial dept.
Cleaning up the area before leaving for the day, restocking, and
in the morning, watering as needed and consolidating and
displaying new products.
Satisfied customers and repeat customers, good customer
service to staff and customers, Increase in sales.
Able to work in the weather, cooperate with staff.
Watered, planted, pruning, assembling flower baskets, compost
collection, customer service.
Worked as a greenhouse hand watering plants, pulling weeds,
preparing the soil, and fertilizing.

10/01/2018 – 18/06/2022 – Elapatha, Sri Lanka

Worked on an assembly line, sorted through fruits and
Learned how to stack boxes and assemble them.
Made sure a certain amount of fruit went into a package.
Learned some knowledge about how to tell if a fruit is rotten or
Stocked fruit and keeping shelves free of empty spaces.
Sliced and Diced Fruit and Vegetables.
Packed products into boxes.

10/06/2009 – 18/08/2011 – Sri Lanka

Passed Advance Level
Department of Examinations - Sri Lanka
Field(s) of study

08/01/2006 – 25/12/2008 – Sri Lanka

Passed Ordinary Level
Department of Examinations - Sri Lanka

basic English knowlegde

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