Application for any position aux Philippines

Application for any position


Téléphone: 09301805691

Gayola Kidapawan City - Philippines

Lieu: Philippines

Secteur: Agronomie, cueillette de fruits, etc

Position recherchée (courte description):
I am looking for a job abroad and I am open with any position you feel suited for me. I am hardworking, multi tasking and I am responsible in any job given to me. I am hoping you will give me a chance.

I have work experience as a bus driver, bus maintenance, selling goods, and driver as a heavy tractor. I have been working since I graduated so I have encountered lots of pressure in working loads. All jobs that have I experienced are long terms but I am now aiming to experience a job abroad and to provide a better life for my family. If given a chance I will definitely give my 100% commitment to any job you will give me. I am hardworking, honest, responsible, and multitasking. I hope that you will find time to review my cv as it written my skills and qualifications. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Technology majoring in Refrigeration and air-conditioning Technology from Kidapawan City. Besides from my education, I have lots of skills because of my job experience.

I am from the Philippines so I speak a local language called Tagalog but I have knowledge of speaking and writing English. I have good communication skills, especially using English language.

I am really hoping that you will find time to review my CV and be impressed with my skills and qualification. If given a chance I promise that I will do my best in achieving my dream to become part of companies abroad.

CV joint: CV_8741
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Jessie M. Sedoriosa


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 Agronomie, cueillette de fruits, etc

Jessie M. Sedoriosa
Application for any position

I am looking for a job abroad and I am open with any position you feel suited for me. I am hardworking, multi (...)

Agronomie, cueillette de fruits, etc: Philippines
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