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Parimala Devi
HR Manager

I'm confident that I'm capable of handling the task as advertised. Given the opportunity I'll proof myself in (...)

Administratif, assistant, HR: Malaisie
Clement Anthony
Looking for opportunity to work abroad for 1 - 3 years

It's been my long time goal and dream to work abroad and now I have the chance to do it. My goal is to explore (...)

Marketing, Médias, Communication: Malaisie
Eyra Syahira Sarkawi
Curriculum Vitae

Administrative Co-Ordinator with 2+ years plus of experience in organizing presentations, preparing facility (...)

Administratif, assistant, HR: Malaisie
Shafeeka Fadlikh Zamri
Production and Operation - Lean Six Sigma

Seeking entry level opportunity | Production and Operation Student | Research in Lean Six Sigma (...)

Autres emplois: Malaisie

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