Robert Scott's Resume - marketing professional aux Etats Unis

Robert Scott's Resume - marketing professional

Mr Robert SCOTT

Téléphone: 2142773100

1076 Starline Dr. SE - Etats Unis

Lieu: Etats Unis

Secteur: Marketing, Médias, Communication

Position recherchée (courte description):
As a dynamic and versatile marketing professional with a solid track record in developing and executing strategic marketing campaigns across various sectors, I am currently seeking a challenging opportunity to expand my horizons and make a meaningful impact internationally. Specifically, I am particularly interested in roles based in Ireland, a country that I've long admired for its vibrant tech scene and innovative approach to business. My goal is to leverage my expertise in driving engagement and sales, bolstering program operations efficiency, and improving conversion rates in a new cultural context, thereby contributing to the global footprint of a forward-thinking organization

As a seasoned marketing professional with 7 years' experience, I've successfully spearheaded impactful demand generation strategies, comprehensive marketing plans, and digital campaigns across diverse industries, including legal, healthcare, and performing arts.

At Gain, I drove lead generation and qualification by 140%, enhancing revenue generation with demand generation strategies. I extensively utilized marketing automation tools for lead nurturing, management, and to provide sales insights and pipeline analytics.

In my concurrent role at Michael Karl Studio, I've orchestrated marketing plans resulting in 300% growth in 2020 and averaging 80% YoY growth since 2021. My work spanned digital marketing, SEO, website development, and social media management.

At Mercer LLC, I contributed to the development of campaigns for numerous specialty practices, planning and executing digital campaigns to drive pipeline growth and revenue. I also led the team's project management initiative, detailing all tasks to tie marketing efforts to revenue.

Previously, at Moore Colson CPAs and Advisors, I communicated technical concepts to B2B audiences, resulting in increased engagement and brand awareness. I streamlined the proposal management process, increasing the speed of creating and delivering proposals by 10X.

Finally, at Thought Horizon, I implemented social selling initiatives for clients in the US and Europe, enhancing engagement and conversion rates through targeted email marketing campaigns.

Overall, my experience spans multiple facets of marketing, from strategic planning to digital execution, always with a keen eye on enhancing brand visibility and driving growth.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Marketing from Augustana College. Further enhancing my skills, I've earned certifications in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and WordPress, as validated by LinkedIn's skill assessments in May 2023.


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 Marketing, Médias, Communication

Robert Scott's Resume - marketing professional

As a dynamic and versatile marketing professional with a solid track record in developing and executing (...)

Marketing, Médias, Communication: Etats Unis
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Marketing, Médias, Communication: Etats Unis
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