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Camella Homes is a real estate website featuring the most geographically expansive selection of house and lot and condominium properties in the Philippines. We offer integrated master-planned communities and vertical villages in nearly 50 provinces and 150 towns and cities in the Philippines.

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 Ideal Real Estate Locations in Negros Oriental
Real estate is a joint and trending investment nowadays, especially at this time wherein we should look for ways where our money can work for us. Regarding real estate, each individual or family looking for a piece of property has different needs that can vary according to their
23 March 2023 | 9:03 am

 Easy Guide for Essential Establishments Near Camella Leyte
Palo, Leyte is a third-class municipality just a 20-minute drive from Tacloban City, Leyte’s capital. This municipality has the balance of a subtle province living with opportunities almost equivalent to big cities. Palo is surrounded by nature and developmental infrastruc
23 March 2023 | 8:42 am

 Best exercises to lose cholesterol fast
It’s common knowledge that being healthy and fit improves one’s health and affects their daily life. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2022), being physically active does not only improve everyday physical activities but also improves brain
23 March 2023 | 6:05 am

 How to start your career in real estate?
There are various jobs, but finding one that will refine one’s skills and work experiences while providing an infinite opportunity for profit can be challenging. You probably stumbled upon the word “real estate,” which initially sounds too professional and a bi
23 March 2023 | 5:02 am

 Why You Need to Invest in San Jose del Monte Now
San Jose del Monte (SJDM) is an unassuming city to the north of Metro Manila, though bursting with potential. Spanning over 115 square kilometers and with over 650 thousand residents, SJDM is the largest city in the entire province of Bulacan in both land area and population. It
23 March 2023 | 1:36 am

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