Compagnon de style de vie holistique/coaching

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Compagnon de style de vie holistique/coaching

Entraîneur personnel certifié NCSF
Plus de 15 ans de Fitness Flair
Transformation éprouvée et testée

Transformation du mode de vie (entraînement et nutrition)

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Holistic Lifestyle Companion/Coaching

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
Over 15 years of Fitness Flair
Tried and Tested Transformation

Lifestyle transformation (both workout and nutrition)
Mindset Management
Buddy/Mentor Support
Face to Face: 1-1 or Buddy
(Online Coaching if necessary)

Share personal journey and relevant testimonials
Beginner, LGBT-friendly, Vegan/Vegetarian supporter
Sustainable lifestyle that you OWN to FEEL GOOD and PROPEL your SUCCESS(be it in health,wealth, joy)
Speed Body Recomposition
Online/Chat check-in/progress as needed

Nutrition Tracking (IIFYM)
Private Members Only Whatsapp group chat
Food Meal Prep guidance
Discounted supplements

From 2019, I have been tapping on my talents and passion in assisting people to regain happiness and harmony within themselves and others. This includes fitness goals and mindsets to motivated individuals. This comprises a blend of bespoke nutrition design and workout programs that is customizable to fit their changing circumstances. Hence, no two programs are the same because they are highly sensitive to their lifestyles and beliefs.
That being said, the limiting beliefs that are barriers to their attainment of their lifestyle goals will also be challenged and eliminated if they choose to work with me on them.

The program will be met out on a step-by-step journey that is retraceable (and repeatable)
, which is self-paced and safe. It also allows clients to take charge of the program when he/she has grasped the concepts behind it, unless there is a change in their lifestyle goals.

Packages can be taken separately or as a bundle(lifestyle transformation+companionship). All crafted with love and extra value.

Prix : 200 USD


Lieu: à Singapour

Téléphone : +6585581245

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Holistic Lifestyle Companion/Coaching
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