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✎ EN Why is Vietnamese Teaching Group so great ?

Discussion in 'Vietnam' started by Vietnamese study, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. Vietnamese study

    Apr 21, 2009
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    This summer in Hanoi, Vietnamese Teaching Group ( VTG ) will offer many interesting out - street Vietnamese Lessons, and what're the reasons that you should not hesitate to take part in these courses. Let's see what VTG's learners say about learning Vietnamese at VTG.

    Mr Peterbraun :

    For both of my teachers, Ms. Nguýen Thanh Kim Ngọc and Ms. Hà Ngọc Ánh I can say, that they are very dedicated to their job and gave all their effort to make me a fluent Vietnamese speaker. With endless patience they corrected my faulty pronounciation and never ceased to explain words again I already should have known.
    I was very surprised to see to which extent they are familiar with even more unusual western customs, never forgetting to explain the corresponding Vietnamese ones to me.

    I liked especially about Ms. Ánh that she never tired to let me speak a word even 12 times when she wasn't satisfied with my pronunciation and didn't hesitate to repeat this process, if necessary, five minutes later again.
    She integrated very cleverly in her teachings the little 'dos' and 'donts' of the Vietnamese culture, as well as the everyday knowledge, like street-dresscode, bargaining patterns or food specialities from the street stalls.
    And she has a wounderful way to loosen up a stuck up situation with a little joke, making it easy to go back to work in a renewed spirit.

    With Ms. Ngọc I admire very much how she was able to change her teaching method in an instant as soon as she got the impression that this way no improvement could be achieved. And she was able to do this in a way that never made me feel bad or stupid.
    She very often made the specific meaning of words clearer to me by explaining their origin (Chinese, French, Khmer...), their changing through the times or their specific composition.
    I was deeply impressed by the broad general knowledge of Ms. Ngọc, not only about ancient and contemporary history and political situation of Vietnam but also of Europe. So I had the advantage to be taught about the language as well as about the historical and cultural background of Vietnam.

    Ms Jiri says:
    I have been using VTG service over 1 year. I can honestly say the effort of their teachers really shifted my “punk” Vietnamese, built up just about 2 years by various private tutoring, to the level, which really gives me a comprehensive knowledge base of this language for further development, I believe.
    I can really admit, VTG's teachers achieved to activate a few of phonetic oriented cells in my brain, which were in hibernation since my date of birth. So nowadays, I can much better distinguish what Vietnamese try to "sing" me as well as I feel more comfortable when generating Vietnamese words either in written or spoken, as the rules became clear for me.
    My giant gratitude and thanks belongs to these teachers, who fought with big patience and understanding against learning awkwardness of mine: Ms. Pham Mai Anh, Ms. Tran Thi Minh Van, Ms. Duong Thi Minh Thu.
    Last but not least I’m very glad the institution like VTG exist, so thank you for providing such kind of service.
    I marked just 4 stars out of 5 as there always shall be something to improve, otherwise I'm entirely satisfied.

    Vietnamese Teaching Group - Make Hanoi your home
    164 Le Thanh Nghi,Hai Bà Trưng,Hanoi
    Phone:0972 369 842
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