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☛ EN Advice Weekend in Praia: what to do?

Discussion in 'Cape Verde' started by EasyExpat, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. EasyExpat

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    Feb 10, 2003
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    Hello and welcome!

    What are your tips to make the most of your weekend in Praia?
    What are the places to visit, whether alone, as a couple, with friends or with family? Are there any activities, exhibitions, events that you particularly recommend? What are the organised festivals?

    To talk more specifically about your experience, what do you do during the weekends in Praia?
    Share with us your good plans, your habits and desires for outings.

    Thank you in advance for your answers and good discussion! :cool::thumbup:
  2. CVAngelo

    CVAngelo New Member

    Jul 13, 2014
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    Praia, Santiago
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    Praia is a small city that is not at the level of big European, American or African cities. There is not so much to do here on weekends except restaurants and clubs.

    The best restaurants in city itself are on the Plateau. You should simply take a walk on the Rua Pedonal and there you will find all the restaurants. Just off the Rua Pedonal you will also find Quinta de Música, which is a traditional Cape Verde restaurante with local food and excellent music.

    Outside of the tiny, Plateau area, you will find the best restaurants in Achada Santo Antonio, Gamboa, Prainha, Kebra Canela and Palmarejo. Ask the front desk at your hotel and they will be able to give you the names of the restaurants in those areas with a recommendation based on the kind of food you're looking for. Do NOT accept any suggestions that are not in one of these areas otherwise you may end up in a risky neighborhood at night. Just get into a taxi to get whichever retaurant you choose to go to.

    The night clubs are Cockpit (in Achada Grande Frente) and Aqua (in Kebra Kanela). Again, you should refrain from going to clubs that are in other areas because as a foreigner you might be a little out of place in a risky area late at night. The clubs do not really start going until after midnight or 1am and they go till dawn.

    As far as cultural events, these are mostly seasonal and you can get information about the current events at the front desk of your hotel. Just be aware that Cape Verdeans think most about PARTYING when it comes to events. So you will usually be looking at some kind of music festival held in one of the big open air locations. Be careful with your valuables as these kinds of events are targeted by pickpockets. Your mobile phone is the primary target. Leave your phones in the hotel room, hotel safe or with the front desk. Place your wallet in your FRONT pocket and leave your handbag at home. take only enough money for food, drinks and taxis. Never walk with sums exceeding €20 per person.

    There is also the Palácio de Cultura on the Plateau. There is always some type of cultural event or show there on the weekends. Just drop by. It is usually free.

    On the weekends it's also a great time to go to the local beaches right in the city. The most popular is Kebra Canela. Do not take any handbags, or valuables such as phones, cameras, wallets, jewelry, etc as you cannot leave them safely on the beach if you decide to go for a swim. Even nice footwear will be subject to theft. Go with slippers or flip flops.

    Have fun.
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