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⚑ EN Announcement TRAVEL SHOW: Are You Living the Ultimate Beach Fantasy?

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by bryanviper, May 1, 2014.

  1. bryanviper

    bryanviper New Member

    May 1, 2014
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    American (US)
    Hello Expatriates!

    I'm not currently among your ranks, but I do hope to expatriate to the Caribbean someday (hopefully sooner rather than later). For now, I live in NYC. I'm casting a tv show for the Travel Channel, and wondered if anyone would consider applying themselves, or if you had a resource for broadcasting the casting call. Maybe it would make a good blog post for fellow bloggers?? :D

    Reaching out to the entire Western Hemisphere for people living the ultimate beach fantasy.

    Did you or someone you know swap their view of the cubicle for a view of the ocean? Are you living out the ultimate fantasy on a tropical beach or island?

    TRAVEL CHANNEL is looking for people who actually made it happen! These are the ultimate stories of escape from the courageous few who checked their suit and tie at the door never to return to the daily grind. We'll take a peek inside their enviable lives to see how different routines can be when living off the grid in paradise. Where grocery shopping means a visit to the local fisherman, and a commute to work involves stepping barefoot out the door onto the beach.

    CASTING NOW! We're looking for people who said good-bye to the hustle and bustle and hello to "living the dream."

    To submit yourself, email with:
    ̣ Name, Age, Occupation
    ̣ Current location
    ̣ Brief description about how you ended up living the beach fantasy
    ̣ 2 recent photos of yourself/your family
    ̣ 3-5 recent photos showing us your home and you in your daily life
    ̣ Contact information

    I'm happy to answer questions/concerns here. This is a legitimate casting that can also be found on my own blog at .

    Thanks for reading and for any help you can offer!
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