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⌸ EN Magazine The Pandemic Fallout: Is the Middle East still a Haven for Expats?

Discussion in 'Magazine' started by KashGo, Mar 29, 2021.

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    Many expats who have called the Middle East home have had to reevaluate their plans in 2020 after the pandemic was declared and many jobs were lost.
    A majority of expats in the Middle East hold only resident status which leaves them with no social benefits which may have helped during the worst of the pandemic.
    Scores of people had their expat dreams broken and had to hastily make alternative plans. The expats affected ranged from highly qualified professionals to manual labourers who were equally affected in terms of job loss and repatriation.
    Read our article: The Pandemic Fallout: Is the Middle East still a Haven for Expats?

    Do you live in the Middle East? Can you share your experience?
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