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⌸ EN Magazine The latest out of COP26

Discussion in 'Magazine' started by KashGo, Nov 26, 2021.

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    Member states at the recent COP26 gathering reached further clarification on steps to reduce carbon emissions. They committed to more frequent updates on progress to reduce climate change and promised increased funding to low-income countries to meet climate change goals. These proceedings were held under the watchful gaze of many interested parties, including scientists.

    Although climate scientists were relieved at the points in the agreement, many feel that a more aggressive approach is required to curb the rate at which climate change is occurring.
    Certain countries’ commitments to the agreement’s targets were viewed as weak with no credible plans to reach their goal of net-zero emissions. Most of the pledges made at COP26 are self-policed, and very few countries have made their commitment legally binding.

    Climate change has been in the spotlight recently as protests have erupted globally for governments to take more substantial steps to change the trajectory of the damage we are inflicting to the climate and the planet at large.

    Read more in our article: The latest out of COP26

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