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✎ EN Road trip from Portugal to England planning

Discussion in 'Moving Back / Repatriation' started by Skilledhanslady, Aug 5, 2022.

  1. Skilledhanslady

    Skilledhanslady New Member

    Aug 3, 2022
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    Australian (AU)
    Hi Folks,

    Well having been in Portugal now for just over 6 weeks now. I have decided moving to Portugal is not for me.

    I made the road trip here to Portugal from midland’s England after finding British plates left hand drive car.

    Basically the summer here is simply too hot for my tolerance.That with the language & social differences within my age group i must admit are a factor. I have decided it is a bit too long term an adjustment for an ol girl whom has worked far too hard for too long to undertake.

    I made the trip here via the train channel crossing from Dover but i’m not keen on repeating the epic drive across France again.

    Considering i will be on a tight budget. I will either sell my car in Portugal within the next week & fly back to Australia or make the road and ferry trip then sell the car in England. To someone heading off on an Eu road trip like i was.

    There are several ferry routes from Spain to England i am somewhat confused which is the most practical & cost effective trip.

    Indeed the thought of seeing some affordable parts of England via the road trip back is tempting i admit.

    Any advice on the best value ferry route would be much appreciated

    Kind regards, skilledhanslady
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