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✎ EN Registering as autonomo in Spain - possible or Catch22 ?

Discussion in 'Spain' started by pandy, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. pandy

    pandy New Member

    Apr 6, 2009
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    Hi everyone,

    Please can someone shed some light on how people ( preferably expats as I’m a Uk citizen moving to Spain ) actually manage to live and earn in Spain.

    I have spent at least 8 solid hours surfing forums etc.. and there seem to be only 3 ways to work legally !

    These are : Contract ( If you can find someone to give you a decent and meaningful one )
    : Open a business
    : Or become autonomo

    As it is autonomo that I would require I looked further into the finer details,to find that I would need to pay between 175 and 260 Euros per month to the social security regardless of what I earn plus about 50 or 60 Euros to an accountant every month plus 20% tax on income earned plus VAT.

    As a friend of mine said...........I can’t believe that everyone with a paintbrush,hammer,plumbers bag or a few english pupils is actually paying out nearly 300 Euros every month before expenses ,food,rent etc...I just refuse to believe it !
    Well,I’m more interested in the comments on this forum .

    What actually happens if you are registered as autonomo,is there room to live and pay all this or do I really need to accept that my friend is right and the big black economy is thriving much as it does in most countries.?

    I want to be legal ...but how can I be with a low income to begin with and not a stash of money behind me to support the ss payments.

    I welcome any constructive comments as I don’t want to enjoy my new country looking over my shoulder,taking the back roads to avoid the Gardia or just slowly sinking into working illegally like so many there an alternative ?

    Thank you for your replies in advance :) :!:
  2. landdong

    landdong New Member

    Apr 27, 2009
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