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✎ EN Polish citizenship - translation of birth and marriage certificates - MSF or sworn translator?

Discussion in 'Poland' started by kwek, May 28, 2019.

  1. kwek

    kwek New Member

    May 5, 2017
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    Hi, I am just starting the journey towards Polish citizenship. I understand that I will need officially translated copies of non-Polish documents. The information I have read indicates that this should be performed by a sworn translator. However, when I was looking at the website for the UK Government General Records Office I saw that they can provide translations into Polish on what is known as a Multilingual Single Form (MSF). Seems that this is an EU-wide initiative to aid the processing of documents from other member states. Although, it does say on the UK Govt. website that the MSF document is not an official document in itself, rather a printout without official signatures or seals that accompanies an official copy of a certificate.

    My first question is:
    Would the MSF together with an official certificate be accepted by the Polish authorities in a citzenship application? Or, will they only accept translations provided by a sworn translator?

    Cost of an MSF translation + certificate is £22 compared to £11 for just the certificate.

    So my second question is:
    How much does a sworn translator typically charge for translating birth/marriage certificates?

    I look forward to helpful responses, many thanks.
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