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✎ EN Polish Citizenship (Mother Was Born In Poland 1921)

Discussion in 'Immigration Poland - Polska' started by william1961, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. william1961

    william1961 New Member

    Sep 24, 2018
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    Canadian (CA)
    My Grandmother was born in 1875 in Miraticy, Belarus.?
    She has a polish identification dated 1928. ( Dowod Osobisty)
    My mother was born in 1921 in Udryck, Poland.
    She was married later on to a polish citizen.
    My mother spent approx 3 years in a displaced person camp in Austria.
    My mother, grandmother, aunt and brother immigrated to canada in 1948.
    My mother met my father in 1961 who was from Latvia but was a Canadian citizen at the time of my Birth.
    My Aunt received a polish passport while in Austria in 1948.
    I have not done any research yet to see if my mother also applied for a passport at the same time as they were both in the same camp in Austria.
    My mother became a canadian citizen in April 1959.

    Is this enough to proceed with a Polish Citizenship by Descent.

    Any advice, help or links to a good company which processes these applications would also be helpful.
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