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☛ EN Advice Planning Your Move to Romania

Discussion in 'Romania' started by texkourgan, Jul 29, 2013.

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    Hello and welcome!

    Are you planning to move to Romania and are worried about the moving process? One of the first steps to succeed with your expatriation is to properly prepare yourself for the move.

    How should you arrange the move? Can you do-it-yourself with help from friends, or do you need help from a professional international mover?

    What do you plan to take and to leave? Will you need all your furniture, or will it be easier/cheaper to buy most things once you have arrived? Are electrical appliances compatible in Romania?

    How can you bring your car? Is it worth it?

    What tips and advice can you share with us about your move to Romania ? If you are preparing for your move currently – what questions do you have? If you have already completed a move – what are your tips?

    Thanks in advance for sharing!
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    Jul 23, 2021
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    Romania is a young and exotic country and is famous for its amazing sights and culture. The country has numerous fantastic educational institutions; the graduates of these institutions are in great demand all over the world. Various big companies such as Oracle, Intel, IBM, Adobe, and Amazon are opening their affiliated offices, technical departments in Romania’s Bucharest. Big names are investing in Romania’s call centers, software development and technical support and the city is also making huge progress in its IT sector. The country is attracting talented young people for business opportunities. Another attractive point is that Romania’s internet is one of the fastest in the world which is contributing to the emergence of many IT hubs, incubators, corresponding startups, and coworking spaces for young professionals.

    The country has several large historical regions with their own unique specifics. Romania is a country with a combination of traditions, a wide variety of nature, wild forests, snow-capped mountains, sunny beaches, and golden sand which makes it a perfect dreamy destination.

    There are two main methods through which Romanian citizenship can be attained. These methods are – naturalization and repatriation.

    The first method is a long and difficult one, where there are few basic criteria that must be fulfilled by an applicant. These requirements are –
    • An applicant must be over 18 years of age and have legally lived in Romania for at least eight years.
    • An applicant must have a good command of the Romanian language and should also possess knowledge of Romanian history and culture.
    • An applicant must be a law-abiding individual and should hold a reliable source of income.

    The person meeting all the above-mentioned conditions can receive a residence permit and following that – a permanent residence. Thereafter, he can apply for Romanian citizenship.

    As per the repatriation method, any individual who can prove that he or his direct relatives were born or lived on the territory of Romania before 1940 can apply for citizenship. The method of Repatriation is easy and requires much money and effort if an applicant meets the following 4 conditions:
    • Reaching 18 years of age
    • No criminal record
    • Declaration of loyalty to the country
    • Confirmation of Romanian origin
    Citizensl is very much experienced and expert at carrying out archival work to find evidence of Romanian ‘roots of origin’, which will be sufficient for legal restoration of Romanian citizenship. Thus, keep your worries at Bay and reach us to get your Romanian citizenship quickly.

    Apart from naturalization and repatriation methods, another way to get a residence permit and thereafter Romanian citizenship, is marrying a Romanian citizen.

    Therefore, if you are dreaming of becoming a citizen of European Union where you can live and work without restrictions and want to get access to a fantastic education and healthcare system, then move forward and contact specialists to get you the citizenship of Romania.

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