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✎ EN Plan on moving to the UK in the future

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Suzuhira, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Suzuhira

    Suzuhira New Member

    Jul 25, 2011
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    New Zealand
    New Zealander (NZ)
    Hey. I am currently still in high school in New Zealand and next year will be my last year in school before I go to university. I have been thinking a lot on what to do in the future and I don't plan on staying in New Zealand and hopefully if possible, I want to move to the UK. London to be exact. This may be a bit early as I am only 16 this year but I want to start planning. So I am looking for advice.

    I am a Malaysian Chinese but I was born in New Zealand and just moved back here after about 12 years but I do have a permanent residency in New Zealand. I am currently taking Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English and Classical Studies in school although I am still unsure of what subjects I want to take next year. So here are a few questions:

    1. What jobs are available in the UK for me?
    I haven't made up my mind on what I want to study when I go to university and am hoping to make a decision based on the jobs available in the UK. I don't plan on having a profession that involves a lot of Physics but Chemistry and Biology are fine with me. I'm hoping for a profession that won't take too long for me to get a degree for in university (maybe about 7 years tops). I also need a job that will be able to sustain me. I am not a big shopper so perhaps that will lower costs?

    2. When to move?
    I have problems with this as I do not know when I should move. Should it be right after I graduate or after a few years? I want to move before I reach 25 if possible.

    3. What to do before I leave?
    I have moved countries before but I don't exactly know what to do for when I move to the UK as I already have a PR in New Zealand which made things a lot more easier. Plus I had my parents. So I'm thinking that I would probably already have my driving licence by then. What will I have to do with it? And what about banking? Will I have to set up an account before I get there? Any tips will be good. I also need tips on how much money I will need before I go as I will have to pay for a plane ticket, at least a few weeks for a motel, and extra for food, and other needs.

    4. What to do once I get there?
    So if I do get there, and I'm hoping I will, what do I do? I know I will have to check into a cheap motel first before I start looking for a place to stay. A small place will do just fine as it will only be me. What I need help is on suggestions of places with cheap houses, flats or apartments in London. I'm not sure buying is possible at that stage but is possible, then I will chose to buy. I also need advice on what to do once I get there. Do I go straight to the banking stuff or do I look for a place first? Do I need a car? Is looking for a job the first thing I need to do?

    5. Living costs?
    So lastly, what I want to ask is about the living cost in London. Are the cost for food, electricity, clothes and other needs expensive? If so, any ideas on where it might be cheaper? I don't mind other cities but London is my first choice.

    Any other tips or advice is welcome. I know it's a little optimistic for me but I really do want to start planning ahead. I plan on living in the UK for the rest of my life, possibly, so all advice are welcome.

  2. texkourgan

    texkourgan Addicted member
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    Jan 29, 2008
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    American (US)
    English, a little Deutsch
    You should start with the EasyExpat guide to London. It has info on visas, transportation, accommodation, eduction, and more. Or you can try our newer guide forEdinburgh.

    Best of luck!
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