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✎ EN Living & Working in Lagos, Nigeria

Discussion in 'Nigeria' started by saksum, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. saksum

    saksum New Member

    Aug 20, 2008
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    Dear All,

    I have been offered an expat assignment for 3-4 years in a multinational FMCG company in Lagos, Nigeria. I am married and we have a 1 year old kid. We have never been to Africa before.

    People keep telling me that working in Lagos (Nigeria) is challenging. I never hear anything positive about it nor about Central Africa in general.

    Can you guys tell me what are those challenges that people talk about. How difficult is it to cope with those challenges? I have done an expat assignment for 4 years in Jakarta, Indonesia. Language, traffic, cultural differences, slow pace of work were some of the challenges there. I coped well with them. I need to know whether Lagos is a no-go area or is it over-rated in terms of challenges.

    Secondly, is the Central African work experience worth anything or not? Has any of you guys found his/her African experience useful in getting future assignments?

    Many thanks
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