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✎ EN Living in Iraq

Discussion in 'Iraq' started by Rkthier, Jul 18, 2021.

  1. Rkthier

    Rkthier New Member

    Jul 18, 2021
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    United Arab Emirates
    Canadian (CA)
    English , Arabic
    Hello There

    I am new to this forum

    I can provide information and guidance related to living and settlements in Iraq

    I am Iraqi -Canadian , immigrated to Canada 1996 , lived in Canada for 10 years , by 2006 , i decided to relocate to UAE -Dubai , and still living there
    I returned to my Home country (Iraq) 2012 , to work with international company in Iraq as expatriate, on 2016 I retuned back to UAE-Dubai

    Despite instability and deteriorated public services in most of the country, you can enjoy a decent living if you have a good income and most importantly, you know where and when to go
    for outdoors lovers, there is unique and vast wildlife areas in Iraq to be discovered: Marshs & lakes south of Iraq is very rich and diverse natural environment.

    Iraqi deserts is the last wild animals shelters in middle east :western desert, south west and south of the the country home to the endangered species like Arabian Dear, fox, wolves
    In winter and spring time, you can join camping groups, some of which are well organized, groups normally escorted with private bodyguards and maintain close communication with Iraqi security forces.

    In summer time, north of Iraq (Kurdistan) is very beautiful mountainous area, it is very safe and offers unique opportunities to discover unspoiled nature

    Iraq is cradle of civilization, haunders of ancient cities, temples, castle's ruins dated to Sumerian and Babylonian era, like Ure in Thiqar Governorate south of Iraq (where prophet Ibrahim was born), refurbished ruins of the house where was born still there.

    Sumerian castles and hills scattered south of Iraq tells story of civilization flourished in this area back to 4000 BC
    Those sites could be visited during winter and spring time, as summer is not right time to travel because of heat.

    Accommodation: mainly in protected zones in Baghdad, however lost of expatriates living outside protected zones (Koreans, Japanese, Chinese)

    I can provide useful information for those willing to relocate to Iraq.
  2. Cyrilexpat

    Cyrilexpat Administrator
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    Oct 5, 2012
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    United Kingdom
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    Français, English, Italiano (un pó)
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