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☛ EN Advice Life in Guinea-Conakry

Discussion in 'Guinea-Conakry' started by EasyExpat, Mar 17, 2010.

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    You are living in Guinea-Conakry , or you used to live in Guinea-Conakry . How did you decide to move to Guinea-Conakry ?

    Help the community and share your experience as an expatriate in Guinea-Conakry . :idea:

    Was it a difficult move? Was it complicated to find a job in Guinea-Conakry ? To find an accommodation in Guinea-Conakry ?

    Did you have some visa/immigration issue to go to Guinea-Conakry ? Or maybe everything was organised by your company for professional move?

    :arrow: You can share here the different steps of your move in Guinea-Conakry . What would you recommend to people who would like to live in Guinea-Conakry ?

    Thanks in advance for sharing and giving advice. :cool:
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