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✎ EN Heat wave in Europe - share your experience

Discussion in 'Open Bar' started by EasyExpat, Jul 1, 2019.

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    Europe has just suffered an unprecedented heat wave. All-time highest temperature were recorded last Friday with 45.9°C in France, but also 41°C in Madrid, 43°C in Zaragoza ...

    The club of European countries that have their national record at least equal to 45°C now includes Bulgaria, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, North Macedonia and France. Germany reached 38.6°C in the eastern cities of Coschen and Bad Muskau, and heat records fell also in Poland and Czech Republic (for the month of June) with 38.2°C and 38.9°C respectively on Wednesday.

    Scorching temperatures for Europe, but which are however the usual trend for many countries in Africa and Asia (with the additional effect of humidity) without even talking about Middle East where temperatures can easily exceed 50°C.

    Feel free to share your experience and comment below.
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