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☛ EN Advice Flat or House: How to Rent in the UK

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by texkourgan, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. texkourgan

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    One of the first things to do when settling in the UK is to find a home. In order to rent a flat/apartment or house you should familiarize yourself with the area, determine where you want to live, and evaluate what you need. Consider access to shops, schools, transport, and work.

    If you have already been through the process of selecting a home in the UK, you can provide valuable advice on how and why you selected your home, and provide tips for people moving to your area.

    How did you find your accommodation? Estate agent or classifieds? Did you use a website? Or did you find your place through friends or word-of-mouth? What do you recommend?

    Was it quick to find or did it take a long time? What are the essential points you considered (transport, schools, shops… etc).

    How much is the average price of accommodation? What are the costs involved for renting? Do you need a deposit? Guarantees?

    What are the formalities and the contract requirements in the UK? Are there important clauses members should consider? Is there an inventory? What are the conditions for leaving or giving notice?

    Please offer your advice or questions! This is a tricky step in moving abroad and personal advice, mistakes to avoid and things to consider are extremely helpful.

    Thanks in advance for sharing your experience! :)
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  2. james_harrison

    Jul 16, 2013
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    If anyone looking for private rented accommodation, they might want to check if any landlords in their area are part of an accreditation scheme. Accreditation schemes are voluntary schemes that landlords join to show that they provide good quality accommodation. So, to ignore such kind of problem people may get the help from a local authority housing advice centre. to find the address of nearest centre in the local telephone directory or from a Citizen’s Advice Bureau.
    Also if anyone need specially adapted accommodation, for example because they are disabled or elderly or have a disabled child, they can apply to have their details entered on to one or more Accessible Housing Registers. This can help to match together people and suitable homes.
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