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☛ EN Advice Cost of living in Egypt

Discussion in 'Egypt' started by EasyExpat, Mar 16, 2010.

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    We are interested by your feedback on the cost of living in Egypt. With Easy Expat we have already a useful tool to compare the cost of living in some major cities in the world.

    However we do not cover all the countries, nor all the destination where you can eventually decide to expatriate.

    If you live in Egypt, you can help the community and give information about the cost of living in Egypt. You might be able to give indication and comments on the needs:
    :arrow: Food (what to expect, what to find).
    :arrow: Accommodation price in Egypt. Rent?
    :arrow: Transport (public transport but also the necessity and cost of using a car)
    :arrow: Services (gaz, electricity, telephone, internet...)
    :arrow: Tax
    :arrow: Health, Education
    :arrow: Entertainment (restaurant, cinema, theatre...)
    :arrow: ... etc.

    Thanks in advance for sharing your experience with the community :cool:
  2. johnsonrik

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    Nov 20, 2010
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    The cost of living in Egypt can be very inexpensive if one takes the time to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of the city. :rolleyes:
    The cost of eating in Egypt can also be very affordable. If you opt to avoid meat and dine in simple places then you can survive on a food budget of just E£15 per day.
    In the major cities and areas of Luxor, Aswan, Cairo or the oases, there is the idea that everyone must be tipped – the infamous ‘baksheesh’.
    This can become quite costly and frustrating. It is advised that you always check your receipt when making a purchase because store owners and cashiers have no problem adding on stiff baksheesh’s (tips), without your consent. This can be contested if noticed right away.
    On the plus side of moving to Egypt, household expensive like utilities and cleaning services are very low. Electricity bills are around the equivalent of $10 to $15 per month, even with the air-con running half the day. Petrol costs are equally low and it’s very affordable to hire someone to keep your home clean once a week for around the equivalent of $15 per week.
    Estimated exchange rate:
    $ 1 = EGP 6
    € 1 = EGP 8
    £ 1 = EGP 11.50
    Here follows a cost guide to living in Egypt:
    Accommodation (monthly rent in good area)
    Furnished 2 bedroom apartment EGP 3,000
    Room in shared apartment EGP 1,500
    Food and Drink
    Milk EGP 8
    Cheese EGP 25
    Dozen eggs 12 EGP 9
    White Bread EGP 9
    Spaghetti EGP 15
    Coca Cola EGP 9
    Still mineral water EGP 5
    Potatoes EGP 8
    Tomatoes EGP 8
    Bananas EGP 10
    Fresh beef fillet EGP 60
    Fresh whole chicken EGP 30
    Fresh white fish EGP 29
    Table salt EGP 8
    Imported can of beer EGP 20
    Fine wine EGP 60
    Imported Cigarettes EGP 10
    Laundry detergent EGP 62
    Dishwashing liquid EGP 19
    Soap EGP 6
    Toothpaste EGP 8
    Shampoo EGP 22
    Aspirin EGP 7
    Telephone line (monthly rental) EGP 26
    Purchase of cheap cell phone EGP 220
    An apartment monthly energy costs EGP 50
    Eating Out, Entertainment & Health
    Three-course dinner in restaurant EGP 110
    Fast-food meal EGP 30
    Cup of coffee in bar/cafe EGP 14
    Beer in bar EGP 26
    Annual gym membership EGP 4,000

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