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⌸ EN Magazine Controversial Covid Vaccine Passes

Discussion in 'Magazine' started by KashGo, Aug 2, 2021.

  1. KashGo

    KashGo Active Member

    Oct 10, 2020
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    South African (ZA)
    English, Afrikaans
    International travel over the last few months have been fraught with confusion and frustration as countries make rapid changes to the travel rules in a bid to control the spread of the Covid virus and the variants that have emerged.

    Some countries have implemented the “health pass” to ease both global travel and domestic freedom of movement. But for this to work successfully this “health pass’ has to be standardised and adopted across the globe. Authorities have to recognise approved vaccinations administered in other countries.
    But it seems that technical and political obstacles may prove to be massive stumbling blocks.

    Read our article: Controversial Covid Vaccine Passes

    What is the situation in your country? Please comment below :cool:
  2. Jamie Ray

    Jamie Ray Member

    Oct 29, 2020
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    United Kingdom
    American (US)
    Thanks for the article.
    I seems obvious to me that the British (English!) Tory government is just delaying implementing the vaccines done abroad in they official NHS pass for political reasons. "Brexit means Brexit" claimed Theresa May, so here Brexit means f* y* Europe, we "take back control" and then we decide that only vaccine done in England (BTW f* y* Scotts too as you vaccinations is not accepted in our pass either) will be validated and transformed into a valid NHS Pass with QR code.
    Think about it: more than 1 month ago, EU countries such as France were able to accept NHS code, just with a scan of the NHS QR and transform it into a valid Vaccine Pass in their app. And also, when you get the jab, you get the QR code a few minutes ago, just the time for the chemist or the centre to fill the IT system and print the paper.
    In England, it takes 7 days for the NHS to deliver the QR code ("up to 7 days" they say, which means they must work with a batch once a week to refresh their system, there is no real-time nor specific delay otherwise they would say exactly what happens such as exactly 7 days...). And they are still "working on the system" to recognise the EU QR code. Well that's easy, a QR code reader (you can easily find it on the internet, just google it) and that's it... you can read the information, the type of vaccine and the country where it has been done... There are only 2 explanation why it takes so long: either they are completely crap in IT, or they have instructions from the Brexiters in government to delay as much as possible... As I don't want to insult their abilities in IT, I bet on the second alternative! :evil:
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