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✎ EN Cambridge School Doha Teacher Review

Discussion in 'Qatar' started by Aabanismailkhan, May 16, 2019.

  1. Aabanismailkhan

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    May 16, 2019
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    I am writing this Cambridge school Doha review as I am a part of teacher’s community. Being part of the community at the school, I really appreciate the encouragement that school provides to all its teachers to provide feedback to each child personally for their overall improvement. Instead of focussing on harsh discipline, the school believes in peer learning.

    Cambridge school in Doha is a proprietary school, but interestingly, it does not function like most for-profit schools. It does not feel like Cambridge’s objective is to cram as many students into the school as possible. Rather, it feels like the board and the administration truly wants to deliver good quality education, and that doing so will cause profits to follow naturally. In many for-profit schools, nothing can be accomplished unless it drastically enhances the appearance of the school. Thankfully, the Cambridge school doha is not run this way. Cambridge has improved its campus consistently over the years, but the improvements have all legitimately been for the purpose of enhancing the learning experience of the students.

    By taking this non-traditional role, we teachers make room for students to manage their own classroom experience.

    I really enjoyed my time working at this school. There were a number of newly built classrooms during my time there and other facilities were under construction when I left. The cambridge school doha fees are kept affordable to make education accessible to a larger lot. The environment is good, and being in the centre of the island makes for a quick journey to work wherever you are based. Cambridge school doha digital campus is the new title earned by the school for its increased focus on technology and digitization in its teaching pedagogy.

    The school board was very supportive, both in my continuing professional development and with day to day issues that occurred. The Director always seemed approachable and never bothered or interfered with our teaching. He let us be creative and rarely questioned us. I didn't feel over monitored at school but I think lesson observations, etc have stepped up since but I can't imagine it would be more than I am currently experiencing. Also the salary offered to Cambridge school Doha teachers is at par with the international standards.

    The students and families you work with are from a wide variety of backgrounds, many with very interesting jobs and reasons for being in Qatar. My class size was normally less than 20 and the behaviour was easy to manage, although there will always be a couple of children who need more support in this area. The teachers tend to be quite young and sociable.

    So far, I have had a good experience working for this school. Initially, when I started, it was slightly challenging. But slowly as time progressed, the management started changing for the better. It is now more supportive of you as an individual and as a family. You will always find an attentive ear who will listen to your concerns and suggestions.

    In these four years that I have worked here, there has been little to no staff turnover. This has allowed us all to form a very special bond not only with each other but also with the children. The school also continues to add additional items to the educational program each year, such as music, art and physical education. The management truly cares for both the teacher’s and student’s welfare and strives to make each student special. Needless to say, I would highly recommend this school. I hope I have made justice to the Cambridge international school Doha review.
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