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⌸ EN Magazine Back to school in Europe: what happens in the different countries?

Discussion in 'Magazine' started by Cyrilexpat, Sep 11, 2020.

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    In many families across the world the main event of the last 10 days was... kids going back to school. After homeschooling followed by holidays for the last 5 months for most of them, we had excitement, but also worries on the latest covid-19 measures.
    While most governments have been criticized 6 months ago for their lack of preparation, this is not surprising that safety protocols are implemented when millions of kids are meant to come back in person to attend lessons: Bubbles (keeping children in groups and with as little contact with others as possible), small classes, staggered arrivals at school, mandatory masks, hygiene measures... depending on the age of the kids or students and the countries, the start of the school year could be quite different.

    Let see what happens in some European countries in our article: Back to school in Europe: how do the different countries manage?

    Tell us what happened in your country (including non European countries, all stories are welcome). What are the changes that you saw in the school protocol? Are you feeling confident? Were your children excited or worried? Share your experience and comments below.
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