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☛ EN Advice Activities in Frankfurt during the school holidays

Discussion in 'Frankfurt' started by EasyExpat, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. EasyExpat

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    Feb 10, 2003
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    Hello everyone,

    Occupying children during school holidays can quickly become a real headache for parents! When you are abroad, this can be even more difficult or expensive.

    What to do to keep your kids occupied and find activities for the whole family in Frankfurt?

    As an expat, what are your methods in Frankfurt? How do you manage your time between family and work?

    Have you found extracurricular activities? Is there a holiday club or activity centre to enrol children? Are you rather indoors or outdoors? Have you found activities outside or do you have the possibility to organise yourself activities, colouring and crafts for the school holidays?

    Thank you in advance for sharing your experience in Frankfurt to help new expatriates to get organised. :cool::thumbup:
  2. niahbella12

    niahbella12 New Member

    May 25, 2020
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    It is not the best time, but it could be worse. Expect everything to shut down during the 24th to 26th, with life returning to almost normal on the 27th. Means you need to find a way to keep yourself amused during that time and have some low expectations regarding any available entertainment. If you can do that you should be fine.
    is fine, but with two weeks time I would spend one week in Berlin and split the remaining days between 2 smaller places. Dresden would be nice. Wittenberg is a good idea. Quedlingburg or the Baltic Sea coast can be nice too. You'll need to plan your trip around the holidays though.
    Many hostels will be closed over Christmas, ditto for restaurants. You definitely want some plan for what to eat on Christmas. You either find a restaurant that is open during Christmas and reserve yourself a seat months in advance (lots of people dine out with their families on Christmas, those that are open are usually booked solid by September) or stay at a hostel that has a kitchen where you can cook your own meals.
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