Colección de imágenes: osito de peluche (freelance)

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Colección de imágenes: osito de peluche (freelance)

¡Hola! Soy Jeric con el equipo de reclutamiento de Pactera Edge.

¡Actualmente estamos buscando participantes para nuestro Proyecto Teddy Bear!

Para esta recopilación de datos...

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Image Collection: Teddy Bear (Freelance)

Hi! I am Jeric with the Pactera Edge Recruiting Team.

We are currently seeking participants for our Teddy Bear Project!

For this Data Collection project, we will be collecting pictures of babies and toddlers. Participants can use both Android and iPhone in order to take the pictures.

The purpose of this project is to enhance the quality of the images, especially with children content. Among its various uses, this technology can help identify infant faces in public photographs and develop the capacity of blurring them, so as to protect the children’s image.

Main requirements:
• Your pictures will contain images showing children of up to 7 years old. They must be clearly posing for the camera.
• You will take pictures with a resolution of at least 3 megapixels.
• The minimum image dimensions must be 2048 x 1536 pixels.
• Your images must be original. Content downloaded from the internet will be rejected.
• There will be no watermarks or text of any kind in your images.
• The pictures will not have alterations of any type (filters, upsampling, etc.), but will follow certain instructions regarding lighting or orientation.

• We will pay per valid picture. The rates vary between $1.50 for children and $3.00 for newborns, babies, toddlers.

Referral Bonus:
• Additional $25 per successful referral. Please note that you and your referral are both participating in the project. A successful referral has completed the project requirements which is 3 qualified and client-QA accepted photos. These referrals need to be NEW! They can't have a OneForma account yet.

Referral Survey:

Application Link:

Join us!

Empresa: Pactera EDGE

Localidad: en Río de Janeiro

Tipo de trabajo: Contrato eventual

Salario: $2

Anunciado por:
Jeric Bago


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Colección De Imágenes: Osito De Peluche (freelance)

¡Hola! Soy Jeric con el equipo de reclutamiento de Pactera Edge. ¡Actualmente estamos buscando (...)

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