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melody nyabani
Chef, Nanny and waitress

Looking for a job as a Nanny ,waitress or an Au pair (...)

Enseñanza, Niñeras: Sudáfrica
Rhoda Jardien
My Goal is to Work Abroad

Hi, I would love to work abroad and I’m open to any offers. I currently have experience in admin (...)

Atención al cliente, Centros de llamadas: Sudáfrica

I am an energetic , ambitious person who does every job maturely and responsible. I am a fast learner and (...)

Agronomía, Cosecha de la fruta: Sudáfrica
Glenn Savage
Experienced Logistics / Warehouse Manager

Looking for any Expet Logistics/Warehouse Manager position anywhere in Nigeria. (...)

Legal, Administración, Consultor: Sudáfrica
Mechanical Technician

Looking for any form or kind of job. I am flexible and also hard working. (...)

Mecánica, Electrónica: Sudáfrica
Elizna Resume

Want to work as an Assistant Accountant to go abroad and learn new currencies and tax laws. (...)

Sector Financiero, Contabilidad, Aseguradoras: Sudáfrica
Dhanesh Naidoo
Cv Admin or finance department

I am looking for a job in the Admin or finance department, looking to relocate from South Africa with (...)

Sector Financiero, Contabilidad, Aseguradoras: Sudáfrica
Sebete Mabaleha
Chemical Engineer with experience in heterogeneous catalysis

I am chemical engineering graduate with expertise in heterogeneous catalysis (from UCT). I am looking for a (...)

Otros: Sudáfrica
Michael Cilliers
Cost and Management Accountant

I am looking for Finance related job offers. Anything from Clerk to Account manager. (...)

Sector Financiero, Contabilidad, Aseguradoras: Sudáfrica

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