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Chemical Engineer with experience in heterogeneous catalysis


 No. 8 Klip road Grassypark - Sudáfrica

 Teléfono: 0680816280

 Localidad: Sudáfrica

 Sector: Otros

Búsqueda de trabajo (breve descripción):
I am chemical engineering graduate with expertise in heterogeneous catalysis (from UCT). I am looking for a job in the area either for fuel production or chemical production catalysis.

I am acquainted in the field dewaxing, Fischer-Tropsh process, methanol synthesis, and methane activation. I have an expertise specifically in heterogeneous catalyst synthesis, characterization, and performance evaluation (testing) using catalytic reactors. In addition, I'm fairly acquainted and keen to further in catalyst testing unit troubleshooting i.e. for both reactor and the GC. I have had an opportunity to work more with and troubleshoot hydrocracking rig and Varian 3900 GC. My current special skills include zeolites synthesis and characterization, and their application in wax hydrocracking process. I, however, am familiar with the FCC process catalysis.

I completed BSc in Chemical Technology which I completed with grade equivalent to UK 2.1. This was completed in 2015. I am currently (12 September 2020)completing thesis writing for MSc degree. The thesis is submitted in less than two weeks.

I speak English (fluently), Sesotho (native), Setswana (fluently) and Peli (good)

I am the beginner in heterogeneous catalysis but I have pretty good skills in the area to be able to solve complex industrial problems. I am very independent, although capable of working in the team setting.

 Anunciado por: Sebete Mabaleha |  12/09/2020

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