Profesor de inglés en línea asequible

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Profesor de inglés en línea asequible

Durante 14 años, he brindado tutoriales de inglés en línea de alta calidad pero muy asequibles para diferentes edades y nacionalidades en línea y fuera de línea. He trabajado para escuelas de ESL y centros de tutoría ...

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Affordable Online English Teacher

For 14 years, I have been giving high-quality yet very affordable online English tutorials to different ages and nationalities online and offline. I have worked for ESL schools and tutorial centers for years, learning all the techniques of teaching English to all levels. Being an experienced English teacher, I can easily diagnose the linguistic need of a learner.
But why do we need to learn English? Because it is an indispensable language. It is the trade and diplomatic language. Many dedicated learners really invest time, money and effort just to achieve proficiency in it.
But learning English online does not come cheap. Some companies really charge a lot. This is the reason why I offer this program- to help those who want to improve their grammar, pronunciation, speaking, listening and writing skills without spending a lot.

I offer audio and video classes on WhatsApp, Zoom and Skype. I only charge US$8/hr.

As for my background. I graduated in 2002 with the four-year degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. My other degree is Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in English.
I also own a tutoring business catering to the academic and linguistic needs of my local and international clients.
This is my Youtube Channel:
Please contact me:
Thank you!

Precio : 8 USD

Localidad: en China

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Janet Yu


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