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How to move art and valuable items?

AGS Movers: packing a painting

Moving valuable items like art or treasured timepieces require a strong know-how with a specific logistical finesse. AGS Movers is an expert in international removal with nearly half a century’s experience and we’re specialists in moving valuable items.

AGS Movers: measuring a paintingArt and all other valuable items need special attention and specific packaging. There are three major categories for valuable items:

Packaging is essential

These goods have artistic, monetary and sentimental value and need to be protected. There are various packaging methods available including; customised packaging, wooden packaging or an isothermal crate. Your removal company will advise you as to the best solution for your specific items. In some cases customised packaging will need to be created.

There are many elements that needs to be taken into consideration before packing can proceed including the value, volume, weight, fragility and transportation of the items. Your removal company will need to be disciplined and professional in order to determine the best option for your precious belongings. It is also important to note that accidents cannot be prevented. It’s thus recommended to always have additional insurance should something go wrong.

Pieces of art are not like any other furniture and their packaging are generally subject to restrictions. These rules can change depending on the destination country. For this reason you should always consider an international removal company that has a presence in your specific destination country, and is aware of the particular rules about art importation. The main requirement is the customs declaration that changes according to the country and is usually taxed. Other elements can include:

Import and taxes

As mentioned previously, these items are generally taxed which can change according to the country or your personal tax status. If, for example, you’re a French resident, you can be exempted under the income tax law. Furthermore, if you can prove that you obtained the valuables as an inheritance or if you have imported it by yourself, you can also be exempted under the tax law.

AGS Movers: moving a painting

It should also be noted that in some countries the importation of certain art is prohibited. For example, if you import nude art into Qatar, the customs officers will seize your belongings until the end of your expatriation. Someone has previously imported nude paints from the sixteenth and seventeenth century and the customs officers in Qatar considered these paints as pornography.

It is important for you to select a certified removal company with prestigious accreditations by international organisations such as FIDI, LACMA or IAM, in both your actual and destination countries. A removal company with these accreditations will offer a unique service for your art removal with the best organisation skills to safely transport your beloved belongings.

With 129 locations in 83 countries, AGS is ready to serve you on both sides of your removal!

Request your free quotation online now or visit www.agsmovers.com for more information.

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