Happy Festive season and All the best for 2022!

Published 2021-12-23 12:26:44
  Christmas decorations - Photo by Gary Spears from Pexels

And just like that, another year has flown by. And what a year again!

Unfortunately the period is not as cheerful as we hoped twelve months ago as a last minute "guest" named Omicron came just on time to ruin a bit of the festive season for many of us.

To be honest, when we compare with 2020, this year has been in progress with nearly half of the world population vaccinated and some treatment becoming available to help those in hospitals fighting against Covid. Of course, it is not enough, and next year will surely be marked again with some ups and downs; but seeing the glass half full at the moment, we're getting there!

It seems likely that Covid will transform in the years to come into a common yearly disease, requiring periodic vaccination campaigns and some care, a bit similar to the flu in some countries. We don't know yet what will be the long term consequences of the current events, but there will be a world before Covid, and one after; a world slightly more restrictive, with additional constraints to consider when moving abroad.

In all circumstances, we try to adapt and offer as much information as we can to help you making your decision of relocation. This year we have developed our expat magazine section and we will continue to do so in 2022 with even more articles. We are also editing our guides to include important changes, starting with London (and England) and the consequences of Brexit (we will soon publish a similar update on Edinburgh & Scotland).

Expat bloggers are more than welcome to submit their personal blogs to our directory on BlogExpat.com. We are always looking for good stories and please get in touch as we will be delighted to share your expat story in our interview section. And everyone can get help and comment in our forum (feel free to comment all our magazine articles). If you wish to participate, become an ambassador (or what we call a "Networker"), feel free to contact us.

Moreover, we are already busy working on more exciting projects for 2022 so definitely watch this space!

For now, let us wish you a merry Christmas to all of those who celebrate it and a happy new year.

Best wishes and see you next year on EasyExpat.com!

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