How to move with peace of mind in 2021

Published 2021-09-24 13:02:17
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Whether you are relocating solo or as a family, planning is the watchword for relocating during the pandemic.

As an expert in international mobility, AGS knows what it takes to ensure your move goes smoothly.

How to make your move successful

Whether by air, sea or road, moves continue as usual. So, if you are leaving France soon, it is essential to plan each stage of your move as much as possible.

Start by sorting your belongings. Make a list of charitable organisations that need support during these difficult times and donate clothes or other items you won’t be taking with you to your new home. Also, don't forget to cancel your subscriptions or other contracts and think about putting your papers in order.

No matter your destination, your host country will have certain hygiene requirements in place. In addition to your vaccination passport, certain countries may require a negative PCR test less than 72 hours old (sometimes even 48 hours) as well as a quarantine period.

An experienced mover is your best ally in advising you and keeping you informed of the necessary formalities, including the travel requirements for your children, to ensure that your move goes smoothly.

They will also take care of any customs formalities on your behalf.

Estimating your quote from afar

All 148 AGS branches around the world are fully operational and therefore able to provide free moving quotes. While our estimators are happy to visit you in person to assess the volume of the goods you want to ship, they can also pay you a virtual visit by video conference if you prefer. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

AGS Virtual Visit - Credit: AGS Movers

Once you have downloaded the AGS Access application, you book your free virtual visit. A moving consultant remotely estimates the volume of your belongings with a real-time tour of your home.

Hygiene precautions adopted by moving professionals

Regardless of your destination, moving crews around the world have implemented maximum safety standards to protect customers and employees during the packing and loading process.

Thus, on the day of the move, a professional mover should adhere to social distancing guidelines, wear gloves and a mask, use disinfectant and observe all the strict Covid-related safety measures in place.

Transporting your goods internationally

How long your shipment takes usually depends on your destination and the means of transport, but in recent months shipping times have also been affected the pandemic.

  • Air freight has always been the fastest but most expensive means of transport, but it has become even more expensive since the first international border closures. Moreover, with fewer international flights, the amount of available cargo space has decreased. That's why it's important to choose a mover who is used to negotiating with carriers. Since 1974, AGS has had an integrated cargo/freight department and a team dedicated to this type of operation.
  • For sea freight, although the majority of the world’s ports and are once again open and accessible, you should anticipate longer customs clearance times due to the mandatory hygiene requirements in place and port congestion.
  • Road freight remains the preferred method for a move within Europe because it’s more economical and offers greater flexibility. International movers are generally equipped with a large fleet of vehicles and offer solutions adapted to your volume and requirements.

Preparing for change as a family

Life as an expatriate can be a great adventure. Get everyone excited by discussing your future host country as a family. Don’t hesitate to talk about possible cultural differences and customs by watching videos or reading guidebooks. Get familiar with the local language by learning a few essential phrases together. Involve the children by asking their opinion on the layout of your new home.

Although a move abroad can seem daunting, a professional moving company like AGS will help you settle in by advising and assisting you every step of the way.

Get more information and ask for a free quote in the links below.

AGS removal trucks - Credit: AGS Movers

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