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Published 2021-09-15 08:27:14
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Being an expat in a foreign country can be long and hard. Plus, it can be challenging, if this is your first time travelling as an expat. The good news is, you’re not alone in this venture.

In fact, there are many stories to tell, and experiences to discover from other people in the expat community. The best part? If you're a big fan of podcasts, then you're in luck! In this article, we'll introduce you to 10 popular podcasts that are catered to travellers like expats.

These 10 podcasts will excite you, inspire you, and make you think about what it's truly like to be an expat. As you listen to these podcasts – even create a playlist for them – you'll feel more inspired by the expat community, and how travelling the world can change your life.

So, if you need a little inspiration for your expat venture, then take a listen to the following podcasts.

The Immigrant Spirit

Hosted by Chris Pyak, The Immigrant Spirit is about the various jobs done in Germany, including being an expat. Pyak also coaches listeners on how to apply for jobs and for expat trips in the country. [Link]

Americans In Germany Drinking Whiskey

Good buddies and expats in Germany, Alex and Geoff created this podcast to talk about their experiences and have some whiskey. From checking out abandoned buildings to exploring the urban side of Germany, these guys have great discussions on nature, learning German, experimenting cultural differences, and taste-testing whiskey. [Link]

The Expat Cast

Can you find “home” abroad? Of course!
In The Expat Cast, you'll experience great stories about the expat experience. Plus, you'll get helpful tips on how to make your venture more stress-free when travelling abroad. Keep in mind: This podcast doesn't sugarcoat anything – listing the best and worst aspects of expat life. [Link]

Expat Happy Hour

Want to enjoy an expat's idea of Happy Hour? Then join lifestyle coach and intercultural strategist Sundae Bean in her Expat Happy Hour podcast!
Sundae shares practical solutions on succeeding as an expat in a foreign country. With the foundations of wisdom that she offers, you'll find your true purpose when you go on an expat venture. [Link]

Two Fats Expats

Two Fat Expats was created by Nikki Moffitt and Kirsty Rice, as a means to explore living large as an expat. With over 20 years of the expat life on their belts, Nikki and Kirsty bring you wholehearted content on their fun podcast. Rather than try to endure the expat experience, these women suggest living a little! [Link]

Mindful Expat

Hosted by psychologist and expat counselor Dr. Dana Nelson, Mindful Expat is a weekly podcast dedicated to giving listeners advice on emotional wellbeing and resilience in your international venture as an expat. From challenges faced by expats, to hopeful sentiments, Dr. Nelson ensures listeners that the experience can be wholesome when one practices mindfulness, self-care, and personal growth. [Link]

The Expat Career Lifestyle

Want to learn what it's like to be an expat? Then let these inspirational stories blow you away! The Expat Career Lifestyle podcast is dedicated to teaching you the ins and outs of being an expat through personal stories shared every money. With your host Dominicka Miernik, you'll learn from expat entrepreneurs, and even learn great tips for getting started in your expat venture. [Link]

Ben There

Listen along with Ben Voegele as he talks about his life as an expat. Having spent his life abroad, Ben knows how it feels to travel from place to place. In his podcast, he also interviews various people like him, and he shares personal stories from guests who know what it's like to live aboard. By allowing different voices to speak and be heard through their stories, the podcast creates a sense of diversity and unity in the expat community. [Link]

Meet The Expats

Want to hear great stories from other expats? Meet the Expats has you covered! In this podcast, you'll learn about different expats from all over the world. From their challenges, to motivations, to their senses of hope, you'll be inspired by their stories when you press play. [Link]

A Culture Story

Finally, storytelling is a powerful thing. Enter A Culture Story, where you'll listen to powerful stories on cross-cultural experiences. You'll also hear about people travelling as expats, and how the foreign countries that they live in would change their lives in many ways than one. [Link]

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