29th WorldFood Istanbul - Prepare Best for Your Business Trip to Turkey

Published 2021-07-20 13:57:54
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WorldFood Istanbul is Turkey's largest and most successful food and beverage show. Every year, over 360 local and international food manufacturers gather in Istanbul to network, negotiate, and close deals with Turkey's food sector buyers.

The 29th WorldFood Istanbul will take place at the "TUYAP Fair & Congress Center, Istanbul" from 9th to 12th September 2021.

Exhibitors at WorldFood Istanbul are among the world's greatest makers of food and beverage products, spanning a wide variety of industries and specialties.

Moreover, the event showcases not only the actual food products but also the latest food processing and food-related technologies!

Companies who exhibit at WorldFood have the opportunity to meet buyers from all around Turkey and the rest of the globe, strike new agreements, and expand their sales in a competitive industry.

Exhibitors represent the entire food and beverage industry, including all main sectors as well as particular specializations. This includes authentic food and beverage products, transportation solutions, and health care products.

With such a comprehensive range, it's no surprise that the exhibition attracts thousands of professional visitors each year for unparalleled selling and networking possibilities.

Tips to attend WorldFood Istanbul

So, if you're looking to prepare for your business trip to WorldFood Istanbul, make sure to check the following tips:

Plan your trip well in advance

Traveling nowadays isn't the easiest thing to do. With all the restrictions, new regulations, constant changes, quarantine rules, health forms, and tests, it can get a bit overwhelming.

Thus, it's absolutely crucial to plan your trip well in advance. Since you already know the date and place of the WorldFood Istanbul, you can do your research and arrange everything prior to leaving.

Make sure to get insurance for your trip since traveling abroad is connected with a lot of uncertainty in the ongoing pandemic.

Use an e-Visa system

Did you know that e-Visas make it possible for their holders to travel for business-related purposes? Well that changes business travel completely!

You can now visit dozens of countries with an e-Visa obtainable entirely online. All you have to do is visit https://evisa.express/ and choose your destination.

Whether this will be Turkey for the WorldFood Istanbul or any other country you plan on visiting for business.

Apply online following a quick and intuitive 3-step application process. Use your phone, laptop, PC, or tablet to complete it and receive the approved document via email.

The processing period may be as little as three business days, with an average of 19 hours (for Turkish e-Visas).

All you need is a valid passport and a few other supporting documents. Forget about the inconvenient Embassy visits and use the electronic visa system for an effortless traveling experience!

Choose your lodging depending on both pricing and convenience

This may sound obvious, but choosing appropriate accommodation for a price you can currently handle is crucial. Luckily, accommodation in Turkey is not that expensive.

You can be sure to find some comfortable, clean, and cheap hotel when in Istanbul.

Make a schedule or itinerary

Once you have dealt with the obligatory safety precautions, booking your flights, accommodation, doing your research on the latest Covid restrictions, and getting your e-Visa, it's time to plan your stay.

Business trips may be a little bit more complicated when planning. Creating a perfect schedule for the planned business trip is not the easiest of tasks. Thus, it's best done in advance.

First, pin down the most important events in your schedule, i.e., the flights, the check-in at the hotel, the actual WorldFood Istanbul events planned. Then, once you know what are the staple elements in your itinerary, you can plan other activities in between.

Make sure to add the time of commuting in between events and activities, as well as make some time to eat.

Investigate your destination

If your itinerary allows it, you can also take some time to explore Istanbul while already there! Research the city beforehand and see if any of the available attractions catch your attention.

You should also try some of the traditional Turkish foods, as well as their incredible tea and coffee!

Make a packing list

Forgetting important items while on your business trips may cause some trouble. That is when creating a packing list beforehand comes in handy. That way you can be sure that you're not missing anything.

Check the list before closing your luggage and travel prepared! You do not want to miss your charger or your schedule. Make your business trip as smooth as possible and focus on the actual goal of the trip – making new connections!

Final thoughts

If you're working within the food industry, there's no time to hesitate! Start planning your business trip to Istanbul now and take part in the WorldFood Istanbul – food and processing technologies exhibitions!

Be one of the thousands of brands that showcase their products and look for new business opportunities. Don't forget to apply for your Turkey e-Visa at least 3 business days ahead of the planned trip for an issue-free entrance to the country!

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