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Published 2021-06-04 11:19:52
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The prospect of moving abroad is an exciting one, but can also be nerve-wracking: embracing a new way of life may seem overwhelming, in terms of cultural implications, or the changed practicalities of everyday living.  There is a host of books packed with advice to ease your transition into ex-pat life, and we’ve rounded up seven of the best of them here. Click on each cover to get more on the book and order.

The Family Sabbatical Handbook: The Budget Guide To Living Abroad With Your Family - Amazon1.  The Family Sabbatical Handbook:  The Budget Guide To Living Abroad With Your Family – By Elisa Bernick

With its warm and conversational tone, this book is a goldmine of practical tips and helpful anecdotes that are invaluable for those moving overseas with their family.  Bernick’s guide discusses how best to settle and integrate into a new community, with special attention paid to how to help children feel secure and comfortable in their new home, and is packed with thrifty suggestions for you to make the most of your time away in a budget friendly way.

Expat Women: Confessions - 50 Answers to Your Real-Life Questions about Living Abroad - Amazon2.  Expat Women:  Confessions – 50 Answers To Your Real-Life Questions About Living Abroad – By Andrea Martins And Victoria Hepworth

‘Expat Women’ is a vital read for those about to move abroad and those already living in another country.  Written by women who have lived the expat lives themselves for many years, this book covers topics that range from work-life balance, to finding your feet in a new community, to dealing with divorce as an expat.  Upbeat and motivational, this guide is a friend to every ex-pat woman who may find herself needing support and empathetic, sensible advice.

Emotional Resilience and the Expat Child: Practical Storytelling Techniques That Will Strengthen the Global Family - Amazon3.  Emotional Resilience And The Expat Child:  Practical Storytelling Techniques That Will Strengthen The Global Family – By Julia Simens

Taking as its basis the real life experiences of expat families around the world, this wonderful book can be worked through with your children in order to nurture resilience and security in your kids, and to help you, as a parent, understand the unique challenges that the expat child faces, and how to overcome them together compassionately.
As a counsellor, Simens brings a wealth of knowledge to this subject, setting out how the advice she offers in this book will strengthen the family unit as a whole, as well as benefit children throughout their adult lives.

GenXpat: The Young Professional's Guide to Making a Successful Life Abroad - Amazon4.  Gen ExPat:  The Young Professional’s Guide To Making A Successful Life Abroad – By Margaret Malewski

This concise and slick book is the perfect resource for those traveling and living abroad as part of their job, especially for those who find themselves needing to relocate frequently, or are based in a location for a short space of time.  Written in a clear and accessible tone, Malewski discusses how to calculate the cost of living in a different country, contract issues, language barriers as well as how to adjust to returning home again.

The Expert Expat: Your Guide to Successful Relocation Abroad - Amazon5.  The Expert Expat:  Your Guide To Successful Relocation Abroad – By Melissa Brayer Hess and Patricia Linderman

The popular ‘The Expert Expat’ has now been expanded and updated, with additional material covering safety considerations, supporting children (from babies to teens) in the move, and how to effectively network as an expat.  The book is full of practical advice based on the authors’ own expat experiences, including how to support a spouse who is relocating with you.  Great for reading cover to cover or for dipping into for relevant advice, this is the perfect companion on your adventure.

Raising Global Nomads: Parenting Abroad in an On-Demand World - Amazon6.  Raising Global Nomads:  Parenting Abroad In an On-Demand World - By Robin Pascoe

Funny and informative, this is an invaluable guide (one in a series by the same author) to navigating the unique parenting challenges that moving abroad engenders, such as managing the transition to a new school and accessing health services, as well as the emotional impact on the family of becoming expats.  The book discusses the issue of Third Culture kids, and how this effects how children cope, and what support they require, with the move abroad.

Club Expat: A Teenager's Guide to Moving Overseas - Amazon7.  Club Expat:  A Teenager’s Guide To Moving Overseas – By Aniket and Akash Shah

Having lived as expat teens themselves, the authors are in the perfect position to offer up their own stories and experiences in order to help young people settle into their new lives.  ‘Club Expat’ details how to cope with life immediately prior to the move as well as to the relocation itself, and covers issues of culture shock and identity.  Fusing personal experience with constructive solutions to every aspect of becoming an expat, this book is a fantastic guide for teens on every aspect of living abroad.

With more people than ever before becoming expatriates, whether for personal or career reasons, practical guidance and advice on the emotional experiences of such a life-changing event are more important than ever before.  Each of the books on our list is written from a different perspective and has its own important contribution to make to ease your way into living a happy, successful and fulfilling expat life, whatever your circumstances!

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