Summer camps in Geneva with Collège du Léman, the real taste of holidays

Published 2021-05-10 14:00:00
Collège du Léman - Summer camp with zipwire activity

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The opportunities continue even at the end of the school year at Collège du Léman! Indeed, the school offers summer camps for all children from 8 to 18 years old. Water activities, cooking challenges, theatre or even science in laboratories, there is something for all tastes and ages. An amazing way to make the most of the summer holidays, creating beautiful memories in Geneva, a multicultural and international city.

What better way to spend your summer holidays than in Geneva? At the heart of Europe and well-connected thanks to its international airport, Geneva is dubbed as Europe’s most international and cultured city. It is home to no less than 39 international organisations including the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and the famous International Red Cross. Geneva is a city with a rich history and is a melting pot of more than 189 nationalities. An important cultural centre, Geneva also has 40 museums, four of which are world-renowned, as well as more than 60 art galleries. Renowned worldwide for their exceptional standard of living, social security and safety for their population and visitors, Switzerland and Geneva are great places to take children for the summer.

Collège du Léman offers children aged 8 to 18 the opportunity to come to Geneva for a period of two weeks or more between July and August and enjoy the impressive range of activities on offer. Why not take advantage of the summer to make new friends, try out stand up paddling or develop your computer skills? As Geneva is a French-speaking city, children can also take advantage of these camps to improve their French, and thus benefit from a truly bilingual experience.

Multiple activities

These summer camps are flexible, and each child can choose the activities they prefer. Collège du Léman offers a choice of 24 activities in 3 categories. For the more studious, who wish to use this time to learn and develop new skills, the Genius category offers courses in computer programming, in English and French. From the age of 10, children can also try their hand at robotics or discover international politics through classroom and outdoor activities. A visit to the United Nations headquarters in Geneva is also planned. There's no better way to discover this key aspect of Geneva and understand its place in international relations.

Flying Trapeze - Credit: College du Leman

For the more active and creative, the school has developed the Action category. Arts, circus, football, basketball, but also aquatic activities are on the programme. Indeed, how can you be in Geneva, and moreover at the Collège du Léman and not take advantage of Lake Geneva, the largest alpine lake in Europe, located a stone's throw from the campus? Children will be able to try canoeing or stand-up paddling during these water sports outings.

Wakesurf on Lake Geneva - Credit: College du Leman

In the Action category, students can also practise dance or take advantage of baking classes given by Sébastien Brocard, French Dessert Champion, and his team. Finally, the school offers the Video Action Stories activity, to learn how to film like a professional. For more unprecedented activities, the Premium category will delight all kinds of students. Golf with a view of the lake and surrounded by professional instructors, horseback riding in an estate near the campus, wake surfing supervised by Sébastien Balland, double world champion, or even tennis, are all activities offered by Collège du Léman in this category.

Horse Riding - Credit: College du Leman

To further personalise these experiences, the school welcomes students on a day or boarding basis. If the boarding option is chosen, many services and activities are added to an already comprehensive programme. In the evenings, for example, the children can get together and get to know other participants through shows, bowling or evenings organised on the campus. As for the weekend, visits to the Maison du Gruyère, the Cailler chocolate factory, excursions to the mountains or to major Swiss cities, as well as go-karting are on the programme. All of which will appeal to a great number of students.

Collège du Léman's summer camp programme invites you to an experience of discovery and delight of both Geneva, an international and multicultural city, on the shores of the famous Lake Geneva, as well as of new activities, each more entertaining and varied than the last. To get away from it all after this peculiar year, there is nothing better than planning a holiday that promises great discoveries, learning and lots of fun.

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