A new start for 2021: living in Martinique!

Published 2020-12-21 16:59:33
A view from Martinique - Credit: Tourcrib

A surprising island with its Edenic beaches surrounded by white and black sand, blue or green water, good weather, always being tanned, mythical evenings, the feeling of being alive all year round are all good reasons to live in Martinique. To forget 2020, prepare your life project in Martinique in 2021!

The year 2020 is slowly coming to an end, and for many the holiday season will be festive only in the name. Many countries continue to impose drastic measures of social distancing, curfews (including for December 31) and lockdowns with a ban on family reunions, as announced in England since the weekend. We must not be carried away by gloom and the coming year is an opportunity to relaunch life projects, why not in Martinique. Marving Moreton, co-founder of Tourcrib offers to help you with more details!

Martinique and Covid?

Martinique is the perfect place to go back to a normal life post-covid. Despite the health crisis, the locals have kept smiling and always seen life on the bright side.
The island has been deconfined since December 8th. And yes, the gyms are open!

Indeed, this deconfinement ahead of France is due to the fact that the second lockdown on the island has had very rapid results:

"I think first of all it is because the social distancing measures have been extremely well followed and supported. Overseas, there is a second peculiarity: when someone comes to Martinique, they have to do a test before boarding the plane," says Stanislas Cazelles, the prefect of Martinique.

The return to normal life is therefore continuing slowly but surely. By "surely", we mean that the instructions on distancing and wearing the mask must be respected in the same way as in metropolitan France.

Now that you know the sanitary state of the island, let's move on to the most fun part: Discovering the island of flowers, Martinique!

Paradise beaches

Vue de Martinique - Credit: Tourcrib

Living in Martinique in the heart of the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean aspires to freedom, there you will have the opportunity to discover and enjoy several beaches in accordance to your desires :

  • A corner for lovers: We suggest you to visit the beach of the "Presqu'île de la Caravelle" a beautiful wild beach with grey sand, stretched out in front of a green sea of jade.
  • A beach for a sporting routine: We suggest you try "l'Anse Couleuvre" This beach in the north of the island is reserved for sports lovers. You will have the opportunity to go hiking to the Couleuvre waterfall too!
  • A place to rest with your family: If you are looking for a nice place to rest with your family, we suggest you take a trip to "l'Anse Mabouyas" this cove forms a clear sand beach with trees and rather quiet, the sea, calm, is suitable for family swimming, the view extends to the Diamond Rock and the Morne Larcher.
  • Fan of picnics and fishing: We suggest you to go to "l'Anse Céron" on the wild northwest coast; this place is never crowded, except on weekends.
  • In search of the nightlife cut off from the world: If you are looking for the feeling of the nightlife, and the remote islands of the world, we suggest you to make a small passage to the beach of the Cap Est (Eastern Cape), it is located at the great land of the Salines. This immense white sand beach is the most famous of Martinique, quiet ocean, it offers on more than one kilometer the complete range of a Caribbean beach of dream, there is one of a hundred, you will have the choice between the peaceful beaches of the south Caribbean, and the most tumultuous of the Atlantic coast, what is sure is that there is something for all tastes.

Natural resources

You will be fascinated by nature, greenery, beautiful rainforests, rivers, wild flora, numerous rivers and refreshing waterfalls. The Martinican forest reveals many faces like the tropical forest, a forest that stands out for its beauty with its canopy. You can also take a tour to the semi-humid forest, a breathtaking forest thanks to its unique flora and the fantastic animals that live there. If you are not a fan of wet places, you can always see the dry forest which is distinguished by its candle cacti.

Vue de Martinique - Credit: Tourcrib

And if you are a fan of hiking, in Martinique you can make the most beautiful hikes for sure. Martinique offers you a panel of rich and varied landscapes such as the Beauregard Canal, the Savannah of Petrifaction, the Natural Park of Martinique, Couleuvre waterfall, Didier's Waterfalls, The Tombolo of Sainte-Marie, Pointe Rouge and much more.

You will always want to discover more of this paradise and its mysterious beauty. We suggest you to cast off for adventure by boat, it will allow you to visit more than ten islands, the most beautiful and unique as :

  • The Diamond Rock : Real jewel anchored in the Caribbean Sea, the Diamond Rock has become a must for those who want to bring back beautiful photos and memories of the country. You will be able to take a small boat and swim around the incredible fauna that is found there.
  • La Baignoire de Joséphine (literally, Roseline's bathtub)
  • The Loup-Garou islet.
  • Oscar islet.
  • Foufoune Island is much less known than its neighbor the Baignoire de Joséphine, which makes it a preserved place where you can enjoy an enchanting parenthesis in a quiet and timeless setting.
  • Chancel islet, where you can spend your days walking, picnicking, swimming and observing the underwater fauna and flora.

Vue de Martinique - Credit: Tourcrib

Still not convinced?

Still can't make up your mind? Just imagine for a moment that you are swimming in the crystal clear water of the sublime seabed, home to schools of colorful fish. Imagine participating with your family or friends in all the nautical events in Martinique. You will be tempted to try the many nautical events throughout the year. There is something for everyone: the Yoles Rondes Tour, the Martinique Surf Pro or the Martinique Flying Regatta.

And it is still not finished, if you are greedy and you like the discovery of new recipes, you will enjoy the Caribbean cuisine and its Creole flavors.

This spicy, warm, colorful, authentic, very delicious and sparkling cuisine that you absolutely can't miss. The Caribbean cuisine is known for several recipes such as the fabulous coconut sorbet, cod accras with chicken colombo, you can also drink coconut water, cane juice at any time, enjoy a fruit sorbet at the beach, get drunk with the smell of fish and shellfish grilled along the seashore, lemon accompanied by a glass of rum will perfectly end your delicious tastings.

The country lives to the rhythm of the party, the sea and the good mood. The activities in the country will not only allow you to disconnect from the routine. Martinique has several historical sites that will allow you to retrace the extraordinary past of the territory. For example, in the capital of Martinique, you will have the opportunity to discover the Saint Louis Cathedral, the Schœlcher Library and a host of other phenomenal monuments. Impossible not to fall under the charm of the population, they are smiling, welcoming and easily affordable.

And finally, to settle in Martinique is also to attend the Carnival of Martinique which is an unavoidable tradition of the Martinican calendar. A lively, warm and festive festival.
It is an event not to be missed, the locals take the opportunity to make themselves colorful costumes and parade through the streets of the island. The festival is a mix of colors and glitter in the festive streets of the country, it is the right time to revisit the religious and mystical traditions of history.

So what are you waiting for? Prepare your luggage and don't forget your bathing suits and sunscreen.

About the author

Marving Moreton is a tourism professional and co-founder of Tourcrib. Marving regularly writes articles on the Tourcrib Blog in order to bring maximum value to visitors to Flower Island. He founded Tourcrib with his childhood friend in order to give visibility to small local entrepreneurs and highlight the authentic tourism of the islands.

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