Guide for expatriates in Toronto (Canada)

Published 2018-08-18 20:18:51

Expat guide: Toronto, Canada We are proud to launch our new city guide for expatriates in  Toronto, Canada.

In Huron-Indian, Toronto means "meeting place, which appropriately describes the City of Toronto. Known for being "the world within a city," Toronto is the largest city in Canada with 2.7 million residents and the fourth most populous city in all of North America.

Toronto is one of the most multicultural and multiracial cities in the world with more than half (51.5 %) identifying as a visible minority. While the primary language of Toronto is English, there are over 160 difference languages spoken throughout the city.

Toronto has a very strong and competitive economy. Toronto's GDP is 18% of Canada's GDP which is in large part due to the strong financial industry in Toronto. Toronto is home to the Toronto Stock Exchange, the five major banks of Canada, and most foreign financial institutions in Canada are located within Toronto as well. Toronto is known as the Canadian business powerhouse.

Beyond the strong financial industry, Toronto also has strong sectors in technology, life sciences, automotive and many of Canada's prominent academic and research centers are located in Toronto. Every sector in business is competitive ranging from the film industry to the food and beverage industry.


You will find the usual articles in our guide to prepare your expatriation to Toronto and manage your life once in there: Overview, Job, Passport, Visa & Permits, International Removal Companies, Finding Accommodation in Toronto, Work, Benefits and Tax in Canada, Moving in, Education, Health, Practical Life (banks, transport, shopping...), Entertainment...

You can also discuss and share experience about Toronto in our forum.

Last but not least, you can download the full guide in PDF format, in order to read quietly and maybe to upload on your mobile or tablet PC/iPad.

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