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Published 2017-05-29 07:00:56

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AGS Movers: Children and boxes

A relocation is a very exciting experience for you and your family but it can also be a very stressful time for your children. AGS Movers relocates more than 70 000 families every year and understands the pressure a move can put on the entire family. Here are a few tips to help your kids understand and adapt to the new changes.

Keep them updated

Don’t wait until the last minute! As soon as the decision has been made to relocate, your children must be the first ones to know of the future relocation. Children have a very active imagination and can create stories easily. And, depending on their age, they might be confused and misunderstand the reason for the relocation.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your kids about the reason and keep them informed of the removal process.

Push them towards the new adventure

A relocation can be a huge adventure. A new place, meeting new friends, finding a new secret hideout, adapting to a new environment or a new school can be very challenging for your little ones. However, this challenge could be either frightening or exciting.

Always talk about the relocation as a positive experience and the fun your kids will have at your new home. Reassure them about the new friends and new adventures they will have.

Get them involved in the removal

AGS Movers:Children and movers packing

Let your kids be part of the relocation in their own way by packing their own boxes and sorting their own goods. Some removal companies have special boxes for younger kids to pack their toys. Allow them to get involved to fulfill their own experience and expectations.

Try to protect them from any negative aspects of a removal. Kids are able to feel when you’re stressed. Take this into consideration and try to hide it by always reassuring them of the positive aspects of the move.

Allow them to keep in touch with their old friends

Your kids will probably miss their old friends the most. Their friends have shared so many incredible adventures with them, shared in their imaginary worlds with superheroes and princesses on the school playground. Make plans to keep in touch with their old friends either via Skype or Facebook. It’s important for them to know that they will not lose their friends forever. Children are very resourceful and know how to adapt and move forward. As soon as they make new friends at your new location, they will reduce the contact with their old friends.

Every child has his or her own personality and these tips are general guidelines. Ultimately, you’re the best one to know how to guide your little ones through this adventure.

With 129 locations in 83 countries, AGS is ready to serve you on both sides of your removal!

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