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Published 2017-05-23 10:31:21
My Life Abroad - A selection of expat stories. KINDLE Edition - DOTEXPAT LTD

Since 2011, has been a public voice for many expat bloggers through regular interviews published on the website. With hundreds of stories available, this book is an anthology of some of the best stories, with every piece prefaced with a jokey illustration.

Book: My Life Abroad on Kindle - PrefaceThe book is now available as a Kindle Edition! 

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Read below what some of the readers said about “My Life Abroad”:

This book is full of entertaining stories about the actuality that people from different countries experience when living out of their home comfort zones. A fun compulsive read!
Ms J. Matcham - Amazon

As a person who spent most of his career abroad, working in many different countries, I really enjoyed reading this book! I felt so close to many of the stories that these expat are sharing with us.
Patrice - Amazon

Great book about expats all around the world. Each individual story is enlightening and triggers more curiosity towards the visited country. I am expat myself and find so many things in this book really true.”
ppravier - Amazon

This is more than an individual story. It is the story of us as people and the world we live in today.

Many of the stories are fun, thoughtful and well worth buying a bookmark for.
Jack Scott, Author

My Life Abroad - A selection of expat stories. Book edited by DOTEXPAT LTDMy life abroad – A selection of expat stories

252 pages – 60 illustrations
Language: English
ISBN-13 (Paperback): 979-1093013060
ASIN (Kindle): B071HY99W9

Kindle: $4.99 - £3.99 - €3.99
Paperback: $16 - £12 - €15

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"A fun compulsive read!"
J. Matcham, Amazon

"I strongly advise people ready to live abroad to read this book!"
Patrice, Amazon