International health insurance: what coverage is provided?

Published 2016-01-11 09:24:20

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An international health insurance solution offers various benefits, specially designed for people spending over a year abroad. Though some benefits are essential, others can be selected depending on your needs and situation. Learn about what kind of benefits may be included in your policy!

Must-have benefits

Medical cover

This is THE essential benefit of any international health insurance solution! You can decide to cover all or part of your healthcare expenses abroad (hospitalisation, routine healthcare, optical and dental care).

Broke your ankle while exploring the Canadian Rockies? You are evacuated to the nearest medical facility and receive the medical care you need to recover, without having to pay the hospital charges.

Assistance benefits

Though medical repatriation is the best-known benefit, assistance includes other types of cover which can prove be very useful while abroad: translation of documents, advance of funds in case of loss or theft of personal effects…

Having trouble understanding your Danish rental agreement? Avoid having to pay for a translator by using your translation package!

Additional benefits

Personal liability & legal assistance benefits

You are covered if you are responsible for damage to a third party in a non-business capacity. Your cover also includes access to a legal information service.

Shortly after having settled in Thailand, your child accidentally breaks a large window in your neighbors’ living room… They receive compensation and you don’t have to face an unexpected expense.

Income protection benefit

What if your medical condition prevented you from working? Protect your income!

After a car accident, you find yourself unable to work for 3 months. Because you selected a daily benefit cover, you will be receiving a determined part of your salary.

Death & disability benefits

Choose a comprehensive international health insurance solution by selecting benefits specially designed to protect your family in case something happened to you. You can freely choose the amount of your death and total loss of autonomy benefit, to be paid to the beneficiary(ies) that you designated.


Logo April InternationalFor over 40 years, APRIL International has been specialising in providing international health insurance for people living outside their home country. Whether you are a student, a trainee, a working holidaymaker, an employee or a retiree and whether you are travelling alone or as a family, you may find an insurance solution to meet your needs and budget.

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