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Published 2015-05-05 10:11:13

Trolley of cashSwitzerland! Unsurprisingly, in terms of disposable income Switzerland leads the world by a huge margin, with an average disposable income of $6300, which is 2 to 3 times that of its neighbours - Germany ($2850), France ($2,760) and Italy ($2,120). This is the result of a classification published on

The website used a series of surveys carried out from 2010 to 2014 throughout each of the mapped countries, collected by and adapted by NationMaster.

The leading countries with the most disposable income are Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Qatar, followed by the USA, Denmark and Sweden. At the bottom are many African countries, South America and Asian countries.

Average monthly disposable income for some country is:

  1. Switzerland: $6301
  2. Australia: $3780
  3. Denmark: $3269
  4. United States: $3258
  5. Ireland: $2991
  6. United Kingdom: $2960
  7. Netherlands: $2937
  8. Germany: $2861
  9. Japan: $2782
  10. Canada: $2773
  11. France: $2761
  12. South Korea: $2174
  13. Italy: $2117
  14. Spain: $1635
  15. Brazil:$757
  16. China: $731
  17. Russia: $686
  18. Egypt: $264 

It is worth pointing out the Personal Disposable Income can vary greatly between areas in the same country. For example, in the United States which has an average personal disposable income of $3,258 per month, Washington D.C.'s Personal Disposable Income ($5,450) is roughly double that of Mississippi ($2,650).

You can find all the results on


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