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Published 2015-03-23 17:50:22

Third Country Kids - FotoliaHi all! I would like to introduce myself. My name is Yuliya and I started living as an expat at 17, when I came to UK from Ukraine to become a student in London. Years later, our expat family was formed as I got married to a Russian guy, who lived in UK since he was 12. We made a decision to move to Hamburg, Germany, due to his work and, although I was a bit apprehensive about moving again, this turned into another interesting period of our life. At some point we got so hooked up on moving that we still find it hard to settle down. Shanghai came after Hamburg, Moscow after Shanghai, Pardubice (CZ) after Moscow. 10 years and 5 countries together.

Now, expat life can be tricky at times, but it gets to a whole new level, when you have kids. Our older daughter was born in Hamburg and the younger one - in Moscow. Moving around as a family requires going that extra mile, adding schools, hospitals and activities to the long list of things to sort out. There're those additional worries about your kids adapting and fitting in. Already complex planning gets even more complicated.

In the Expat Kids blog on, I will be writing about all the things connected to relocating with your children and Third Culture Kids issues. Tips on planning your move, discussions about the best way to help your kids with this new experience, stories about other expats and their ways of solving tricky situations - all of this and more you can now find here, with new posts coming up every fortnight.

I will highly appreciate your comments, letting me know what topics you would like to read about and expressing your opinions about the posts. Join the club and let's share our experiences and advice with all of the expat parents out there!

Yuliya is also the author of, writing about expat life and travels of their nomadic family, sharing their journey with two tiny expats.


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